The domestic abuse policy of the nfl in the united states

Chris Henry wide receiver Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Chris Henry, arrested five times in three states between December and April[9] was suspended for the first eight games of the season. In Aprilthe Bengals released Henry after he was charged with misdemeanor and criminal damaging.

The domestic abuse policy of the nfl in the united states

Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you. The NFL suspended him for one game in before finally taking further action this week. In Augustas the NFL faced massive public outcry over its handling of the Ray Rice domestic violence case, Commissioner Roger Goodell unveiled a new policy aimed at ensuring that he and his league would not repeat the same mistakes in the future.

The NFL is finding out just how complicated domestic violence punishments can be

Two years later, it did exactly that. The NFL initially suspended Brown for one game at the start of the season, upon completing an investigation that began after the league learned in May that Brown had been arrested at his home on charges of abusing his then-wife, Molly.

Brown served the suspension and returned to the field, and the case was largely forgotten.


Until Thursday, that is, when newly released police documents showed that Brown had admitted to a history of abuse against his wife. The NFL was forced to revisit the case.

Former NFL player speaks out on sexual assault, domestic violence. Troy Vincent is remembered by National Football League fans as a great cornerback who played for the Miami Dolphins. Athletes and domestic violence. Jump to navigation Jump to search. This Prior to the incident, the NFL’s conduct policy stated that players would be disciplined for domestic abuse offense, but gave no specifics, Domestic violence in United States; National Football League;. As we have seen in the United States in vibrant real time over the last several years, the media have become a battleground for the powerful to fight it out with the goal of altering public.

The new elements of the case naturally raised questions about why he received such a light suspension, and on a larger scale, about whether the NFL and Goodell have made any progress in the way they handle incidents of domestic violence involving players.

None of this, though, should be particularly shocking. That much was clear from its details.

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The league would suspend first-time offenders for six gamesand a second offense would result in a lifetime ban from the NFL in reality, it was an indefinite suspension with the possibility of reinstatement after one year. It was an admission, Goodell said then, that the league had gotten the Rice case wrong, and that it would make meaningful changes as a result.

The domestic abuse policy of the nfl in the united states

Little about the disciplinary aspect of that policy, however, was actually new. The domestic violence and sexual assault process Goodell outlined was left under the aforementioned Personal Conduct Policy, which already gave the commissioner the power to level essentially whatever suspension he saw fit for a violation.

The six-game and lifetime suspensions, meanwhile, were mere suggestions.

The domestic abuse policy of the nfl in the united states

The result was entirely predictable. Goodell, in fact, has yet to issue a supposedly standard six-game suspension for domestic violence. The NFL knew, or should have been able to know, that the Rice incident was serious even before the now-infamous second video came out.

The NFL and the Giants knew, according to a reportthat Molly Brown had requested a new hotel room at the Pro Bowl earlier this year because Brown was drunkenly banging on her door. In the Rice case, the league was criticized for conducting a halfhearted investigation into the incident.

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However, reporters have obtained relevant investigation documents through routine public records requests that the NFL could have performed on its own, and a King County sheriff said Thursday that the league official who did request information never made it clear he represented the NFL.

The NFL disputed that claim Friday morning. There are also legitimate questions about whether the league should be our moral arbiter on such a serious issue, and if the expectation that it conduct extrajudicial investigations in order to determine a suspension that will satisfy everyone is at all reasonable.

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