Science physics coursework

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Science physics coursework

Things are often found to behave in a so-called directly proportional relationship in physics. Here we reveal what this means.

Science physics coursework

Not just a straight line Most of the experiments you do will give you graphs that are straight lines. Only rarely are results good enough to give a directly proportional graph. Here's the subtle difference: The points follow a trend that is a straight line, but the line does not go through 0,0.

The points follow a straight line, and importantly the line goes through 0,0. This means that if you double one variable, the other doubles as well. If you triple one, the other triples.

Ultimately, whatever you do to one, the same thing will happen to the dependent variable. revising GCSE physics revision

Mathematically Things that are in direct proportion will produce a graph with an equation of the form: We can rearrange this to give: If this produces closely similar results, you can be certain your variables are directly proportional to each other. Things that are in a linear relationship will produce a graph with an equation of the form: If you plot your results on a computer, it can give you the equation of the line.

You can use this to say whether or not you have results that are directly proportional. Excel Template We have produced a handy Microsoft Excel template to start your graph for you!

Load it up and you'll see a table like this: Enter your results in the appropriate column, removing any you don't need. The table will even average your results for you! If you've forgotten to repeat your readings, just leave column 2 blank.

Click on the tab at the bottom left of the window Notice that the line has this written on it: The results are linear clearlyand the very small value of the y-intercept means that we can say that our results are directly proportional to each other.

In this case we can say that our results are very accurate as they fit almost perfectly to the line of bestfit.Prerequisite Coursework. In addition to meeting the admission requirements, all applicants must complete the following prerequisite coursework for consideration of his/her application for acceptance into the program.A Bachelor’s degree is not required for admission into the Doctor of .

Resistance Coursework All materials, solid, liquid or gases are made up of atoms. The atoms themselves consist of a central bit, called the nucleus, made up of particles called protons (which have a positive electrical charge) and neutrons (which have no charge).

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