Oil pastel projects

Newsprint paper cut into 8- x inch pieces Pencils White chalk Tools for engraving, such as wooden stylus sticks, rounded toothpicks, nails, popsicle sticks, nail files, and small screwdrivers Newspaper pads Tissues or soft rags for wiping the crayoned papers Note: Choose crayons that have strong color and good wax content—Crayola crayons were used in this lesson. The most brilliant colors work best.

Oil pastel projects

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With the Kids Oil Pastel Art: Warm Sun and Cool Water Coloring on black paper with oil pastels is an all-time favorite art activity in our house. The drawing and coloring is simple enough for preschoolers, but older kids and adults can have fun with this project, too!

You only need two basic art supplies for this project, black construction paper and oil pastels.

Oil pastel projects

With a white pastel, draw a horizon line across the paper. Add a half-circle sun sitting on the horizon and sunshine ray lines going from the sun to the edge of the paper. Gather all the warm-color pastels — reds, oranges, and yellows. Color the sun and rays, trying not to color too much on the white lines.

For more detail and depth, experiment with layering the various pastel colors, too. My girls love to layer and mix the colors. When the sun is finished, collect all the cool-color pastels — greens, blues, and purples.

Color the waves with a variety of cool colors, shading inside the white lines and trying some color layering. I love how the oil pastels pop on the black background. Pretty impressive results with two simple art supplies! For even more fun with oil pastels, try these projects, too:brandy Art project about autumn leaves.

For first grade and up.

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The students learn how to draw a leaf with warm colors. Pastel oil, tempera block paint ans black crayon. Oct 05,  · Oil pastels, hard pastels, soft pastels, and pastel pencils all have different properties that you should explore through experimentation.

Run each type of pastel across a piece of paper. Notice how the lines they make are kaja-net.com: K. Oil pastels are awesome!

How to blend with oil pastels is really easy, after understanding these two simple steps. Build the pastels from light colors to dark colors. While perusing Pinterest, I discovered a Modigliani project that painted oil over oil pastels.

Intrigued, I adapted the process and had my first grade art students smear cheap vegetable oil over oil pastel . Once the clay projects were complete, they dried over spring break (and then some.

I'm a firm believer in a good two week dry out period. But only for clay. Ahem.). Oil pastel prices are comparable to artist-grade colored pencils or soft pastels without quite reaching the price of high-end soft pastels.

In addition, only two brands, Holbein and Sennelier, include toxic mineral pigments such as Cadmiums and Cobalt. All others use strictly nontoxic hues.

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