Importance of responsibilty

Shirley Bryant Running head: Another definition could be that I am morally responsible for the outcome of my actions. College success hinges on my willingness to allocate time for organization of my thoughts and work, enabling me to submit my assignments on time. I plan to practice personal responsibility by remaining ethical and truthful to my schoolwork and toward my classmates, while working to decrease my habit of procrastination, and increase my teamwork capabilities.

Importance of responsibilty

Helping Companies Stand out from the Competition

With mindful consumers increasingly paying attention to the ethics of the brands they buy from, having a quality CSR program is more important for running a business than ever. Plus, keeping customers happy is just one of the many benefits of CSR.

Companies with social responsibility programs perform better than those without, in a multitude of ways. The fact is, over the past few decades, a large amount of research has shown that corporate social responsibility benefits employees, customers and businesses alike.

Attract and Retain Top Employees One of the biggest corporate social responsibility benefits is the ability to attract and retain high-caliber employees. One recent survey found that 72 percent of graduating students claimed they were seeking jobs where they could make an impact. Because employees are looking for careers with meaning, a company with a successful CSR program can attract the top available talent.

Even more impressive, companies with solid CSR programs see increased engagement and retention rates among employees. These companies also get more creativity and improved work results from employees. This is likely because workers are more willing to personally identify with companies they view as ethical.

And many employees are therefore willing to work harder and even make sacrifices for a responsible company. By engaging in CSR programs, you are sending a message to your customers that your company cares about the larger community, not just profits.

This makes customers care about your brand and want to engage more with you. Further, a customer is more likely to share and recommend a product that he believes to come from a responsible, ethical brand. Maintain Positive Brand Image One huge benefit of socially responsible marketing is that it improves your brand image.

Research shows that 42 percent of how a consumer feels about a brand is based on its CSR. Ultimately, consumers want to feel good about the products they buy.

They want to know that the companies they patronize are doing good in the world. The more you can improve your brand image, the more customers will become brand ambassadors for you.

This gives your business much-coveted, word-of-mouth marketing.Self responsibility, and the proactive approach to life it entails, is an essential component in building, maintaining and strengthening your overall level of self esteem.

It is a self reinforcing cycle, whereby the more responsible you are, the greater your self esteem will become.

What is Corporate Social Responsibility?

There are many reasons for the importance of social responsibility in business. Today, 93 percent of the world’s top companies release annual CSR reports. In recent years, a large amount of research has shown that corporate social responsibility benefits employees, customers and businesses alike.

Responsibility is a contraction of the words “response” and “ability.” In other words, your ability to respond to your environment.

Running head: PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY 1 The Importance of Accepting Personal Responsibility Shirley Bryant Gen/ July 16, Daisy Fromkin PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY 2 The Importance of Accepting Personal Responsibility Personal responsibility means that I am willing to work hard for my achievements and be responsible for my own words and actions.

Jun 13,  · Being Responsible: Makes Your Life Better. June 13, by Travis Bennett. As important as taking responsibility for your own actions is the ability to know when something comes up which you cannot possibly be responsible for.

If you’re company goes under, it’s not your fault (unless of course you single-handedly engineered it to Author: Travis Bennett. Importance of responsibility Someone’s irresponsibility can be not only irritating when a person does not cope or does not want to cope with the duties, but in some cases, it can be dangerous.

Importance of responsibilty

There are certain kinds of jobs which demand from a personal responsibility, jobs where lack of responsibility can lead to tragic consequences or even to a catastrophe.

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