How to write an entertainment speech

Why should you listen to me? I am not a stand-up comedian….

How to write an entertainment speech

How to Write an Entertainment Speech Are you being entrusted to prepare an entertainment speech? If yes, then we are sure that you would want the speech to be a memorable one which genuinely entertains the audience. In this article, we will know how to write an entertainment speech and will also check out some examples of famous speeches.

Penlighten Staff There are some occasions which demand speeches filled with humor and wit concurring with the vibe of the event.

Whether it is a best man speech or a maid of honor speech, humor ensures that your speech entertains the audience, creating a jovial atmosphere.

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There have been orators who have impressed us with their entertainment speeches and people simply loved to hear them talk. Oscar Wilde and Mark Twain were two legendary figures who are known as much for their contribution to literature as for their impromptu speeches.

Delivering a good entertainment speech takes some effort from your side and the first and the foremost thing that you need to do is a thorough analysis of the entertainment speech topic. A great opening plays an important part in establishing you as an able orator, so it is imperative that you spend considerable time to write a witty, humorous opening.

Most of the distinguished speakers always analyze their audience as it helps in knowing the level of sophistication that the speech should have. It also helps in deciding which elements would be a part of the speech. Before writing an entertainment speech, it can be beneficial if you gather some information on who is on the invitee list.

You may not be able to precisely gauge their likes and dislikes but, it will certainly help you in deciding the undertone of your speech.

The next lecture in this course will be delivered this evening, by Samuel L Clemens, a gentleman whose high character and unimpeachable integrity are only equaled by his comeliness of person and grace of manner.

And I am the man! I was obliged to excuse the chairman from introducing me, because he never compliments anybody and I knew I could do it just as well.

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The next thing that you need to focus on is the body of the speech. It is necessary that your speech has a central theme around which the whole speech would revolve. The body of the speech is the central part of the speech and generally, it is observed that the attention of the audience starts drifting away at this stage.

To ensure that you keep your audience interested, try keeping this part concise and make it lively by remembering some anecdotes.

Selecting Your Topic

Look how beautifully Mark Twain has filled the speech with humorous epigrams to keep it lively and entertaining. This is an age of progress, and ours is a progressive land.

A great and glorious land, too-a land which has developed a Washington, a Franklin, a Wm. Pomeroy, a recent Congress which has never had its equal in some respectsand a United States Army which conquered sixty Indians in eight months by tiring them out-which is much better than uncivilized slaughter, God knows.

And I may observe that we have an insanity plea that would have saved Cain. I think I can say, and say with pride, that we have some legislatures that bring higher prices than any in the world.

how to write an entertainment speech

The conclusion of the speech should be written in such a way that it should drive the central idea of your speech and make it a memorable experience for the audience. You can use words such as, "Before I wrap up" or "Let me end this by saying" to signal to the audience that you have reached the closure of the speech.

Audience will more likely remember the closing part of your speech so you might as well give something nice to remember. Something that will leave the audience in splits and allow a fitting end to your speech.

You can take a look at the below example which highlights the use of humor while concluding a speech. Summing up, it is clear the future holds great opportunities. It also holds pitfalls. Some things that you have to remember are that entertainment speeches are just another form of speech and are not be confused with a stand-up comedy act.

Many people shy away when it comes to entertainment speeches, because they feel that they are not capable enough to make people laugh.

You have to remember that humor is subjective, and while one person may laugh his head off, other may completely miss the joke! Writing an entertainment speech is only half the job done as it is very crucial that you are able to deliver it well in front of an audience.

You can rehearse in front of a mirror or a group of friends who can give you feedback on where you need to improve. You need to bring out the required emotions and ensure that you get your timing right.

It will make you appear natural and take care of any nerves.What is an entertaining speech? O.K. Let’s be honest here, entertainment truly is in the eye of the beholder.

how to write an entertainment speech

What one person finds entertaining, another may find duller than dish water. Feb 18,  · An entertaining speech comes from the speakers passion about their particular topic.

If you're a speaker who wants to be entertaining, simply find a topic that you love and are absolutely passionate about and speak from your heart not your head.

In the context of this series, an entertaining speech is one whose sole purpose is to have the audience enjoy the presentation. The purpose of an entertaining speech is not to educate, inform or inspire it is to make the audience smile, relax, enjoy and maybe even laugh their heads off.

Entertainment Speech. necessarily bad mood you will eventually be in one, bad mood comes with bad luck as well because, Monday is when you get your test grades, when your stress lines thicken, when you feel sick and Monday morning is normally when you have a lesson, for example math, first thing on your schedule that requires thinking, yes, actual thinking.

Apr 06,  · Camping! Nebraska Class C-2 Entertainment Speaking Champion Two Time Entertainment Speaking Champion Adam Perry Thanks for watching! This speech had a perfect season, winning 9 gold medals.

Thesis: Reasons why videos go viral Purpose: To entertain the audience with a presentation on why videos go viral Introduction As a specialist in public relations, I feel best suited to deliver this speech on the reasons why videos go viral.

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