How do you aspire to shape future of your country

A role model is someone we admire and someone we aspire to be like. We learn through them, through their commitment to excellence and through their ability to make us realize our own personal growth. We look to them for advice and guidance. A role model can be anybody:

How do you aspire to shape future of your country

The future of travel and tourism Travel trends and predictions At Responsible Travel we speak with hundreds of customers every day about their holiday plans. We reviewed and judged more than of the best examples of Responsible Tourism globally through our World Responsible Tourism Awards.

How Giving to Others Makes You Healthier and Happier

The experience economy Tourism has changed from being a service industry offering you a flight, a room and some food to offering experiences. This represents a big challenge for legacy tour operators and online travel agents offering flight and hotel packages and all inclusive resorts.

At Responsible travel we believe that these things are only possible when local people buy into this idea, and benefit fairly from tourism. We believe Responsible travel is more experiential or authentic than other forms of tourism.

This is a further demonstration of the experience economy and there is a sense that people value memories more than some physical possessions. The lesson here is that tourism is no panacea; it always brings negative impacts as well as positive ones.

The classic photo of the deserted white sandy beach, gently lapping waves and solitary palm tree is a representation of paradise. A world before people. Although they are stunning beautiful, and you will have a wonderful time, local people and environments face some serious challenges around development and conservation.

How many brochures for holidays in developing countries even mention the word poverty? The industry felt it was better to hide these issues from tourists, as they might detract from a sale, rather than present them as something that is real and give tourists some ideas on how they can enjoy their holiday more and ensure its helps address these problems.

By remaining in denial about this for so many decades the industry both failed to tell tourists the whole truth which they soon discovered when they arrived anyway and it limited the tourism industries commitment and ability to do much to help solve these problems. This has required massive investment.

Pope Francis has denounced the CO2 compensation for air travel as hypocritical. Can the industry counter a growing fear of strangers? However in some parts of the world there seems to be growing fear of people different to ourselves, including refugees and immigrants and people with different religious beliefs.

This, and restrictions of freedom of movement represents some of the biggest challenges to our industry.Aspire for a Better Future.

Your Voice can make a difference, Have your say, Shape the country's future.

How do you aspire to shape future of your country

Write Your Say now Make a difference. Your views matter. Your vote on various topics matters a lot to the future of Malawi.

Petitions. I truly believe that if you put God first in everything you do, He will direct your path. I pray. I don't aspire to be in the world's history books.

However, I don't think that I'll be a failure for not making my mark on the world; I aspire to simply be a great character in the history of my family. My weakness always teaches me how to.


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Country Please choose your country. Industry Sub Industry Please choose sub-industry. The future is not what you dream, but what you make. How the smartphone may shape the future of agriculture. Learn more Editors' picks. 1. Harvesting water from air. 2. That could be anywhere from the proverbial honey-do list to things you want to do for your honey.

Moving up from there, you might have a series of to-do's tied to meaningful goals.

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